Monday, 20 October 2008

ATC Swap Challenge

Just a little update for you on who's ATCs I have now received.

Lisa Plummer
Patti Martin
Lyn (Mickey's mate)
Anne Ray
Alison Watson
Beth Robertson
Vanessa (Nessy's Notes)
Maria Adams
Rhonda Zmikly
Debby Yates
Beth Collier
Leann New

Thank you very much ladies!

Also could the winner of the Alota stamp, Crafting Diva please get in touch with me as I do not have your address yet , to send the prize to. My email is Many thanks.



crafting diva said...

Hi sorry I have contacted you didn't know I had won thank you so much I will e-mail you my details now and I ahve sent in my atc for swapping so hopeful it's no it's way. A big Thanks you again!!!
from lisa

Nessie said...

Did you not recieve my entry???
I posted it when I posted my link for the challenge?????

Shary said...

Nessie No sorry I haven't received your ATC yet. Don't worry though I'll give it till Tuesday to see if it arrives as I'm waiting on a couple to come and then I will send them out.